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Progress With Purpose

Ashoka University is a truly special place to work, powered by a team of energetic and talented people who are driven to grow and make a real impact on the education sector. A career at Ashoka makes you part of a vibrant community which takes Ashoka’s mission – creating responsible leaders for India and the world - forward in meaningful ways.


We offer a range of exciting and challenging job opportunities which contribute in different ways towards the building of a world-class academic institution. We welcome people from diverse backgrounds to join us and embark on a journey of personal growth and transformation, supported by range of compelling benefits.


At Ashoka University, we take pride in being a pioneering force for interdisciplinary higher education that continually grows and adapts. Our philosophy is centered around care, wellbeing, and connection; these are at the heart of everything we do.

Our Promise

Join us on a journey of growth, impact and empowerment with a purpose to enrich the world through education that fuels innovation, while embracing excellence and humility. 


Ashoka University offers care, wellbeing, and connection through a multidimensional approach, and fosters a thriving workplace culture that values, supports, and inspires excellence.


Embrace sustained growth, lifelong learning, and collaboration with world-renowned researchers and innovators to pivot, adapt, and drive progress both laterally and vertically. 


Our Mission

We are on a mission to build an inclusive institution of excellence in teaching and research, to nurture responsible leaders for India and the world, and to be a pioneering force for interdisciplinary higher education.

Our Vision

To be the #1 university in India and one of the leading universities in the world.

Our Values

With a passionate community of students, faculty, and staff, we strive to foster an environment that encourages critical thinking, collaboration, and personal growth. We are driven by the following shared values, shaping the way we work:

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Be Mission Driven

Understand and display commitment to Ashoka’s mission and vision

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Think Strategically

Look at the big picture, challenge status quo and go beyond conventional approach

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Act Authenically

Serve stakeholders (students, faculty, staff, and founders) with transparency and integrity

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Take Accountability

Have a strong bias for action and display ownership of goals

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Build Collaboration

Work effectively by building strong relationships within and outside Ashoka


Deliver Excellence

Set high standards and deliver quality output by optimizing resources; be process-oriented, have an eye for details, and aim to exceed expectations


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Ashoka Advantages


Wellbeing & Wellness

In the journey of Progress With Purpose, your health and well-being matter the most. At Ashoka, our myriad of well-being policies and practices are designed to give you the support you need to thrive and grow personally and professionally.



Learning & Growth

Just as water needs to flow to stay fresh, knowledge thrives when we keep learning. This is the essence of Ashoka's culture – we're all about continuous learning and sharing what we know. This drive for learning and growth brings us closer to our goal of becoming India's top university and a global leader in education.



On-Campus Facilities

At Ashoka, we believe in creating a workplace that feels like a second home, where every employee experiences a strong sense of belonging. In line with this philosophy, we are dedicated to ensuring the physical well-being of our community.


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