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Learning and Growth

Progress is the heart of our mission.

Just as water needs to flow to stay fresh, knowledge thrives when we keep learning. This is the essence of Ashoka's culture – we're all about continuous learning and sharing what we know. This drive for learning and growth brings us closer to our goal of becoming India's top university and a global leader in education. Our Learning and Growth policies reflect this spirit. They show how committed we are to constant improvement, driving us toward our goal of excellence.


At Ashoka, you can enjoy complete access to a rich collection of manuscripts, printed books and periodicals, ephemera, microforms, maps, graphic reproductions, teaching tools, and machine-readable texts including e-journals and databases.
This treasure of knowledge constitutes one of the leading resources for learning and research in the country and it aspires to eventually match the best international standards for academic libraries.

Office of Learning
Support (OLS)

Ashoka offers services in the areas of accessibility, professional accommodations, and assistive technology to staff members with a diverse range of learning needs. The office acts as a resource centre for disability–related information and services

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Centre for Writing and Communication (CWC)

We believe each individual has a knowledge bank and stories to share that can inspire the world. At Ashoka, CWC tutors empower our employees through all stages of their academic/ professional journeyand provide one-on-one appointments to develop their communication skills, from brainstorming ideas to developing their arguments logically.

Ashokan Dialogues

A chance to connect, discover, and get motivated by the remarkable achievements and brilliant ideas at Ashoka University. These talks happen once a month and are for everyone working here. We'll dive into fascinating projects, ongoing research, and their potential impact on society. These discussions ensure we leave with new knowledge and a sense of pride and wonder.

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Masterclass with Leaders

Educational program or series that offers individuals the opportunity to learn directly from accomplished and influential figures in various fields, such as business, politics, sports, arts, or academia. These leaders share their expertise, experiences, and insights through lectures, discussions, and practical demonstrations, providing valuable knowledge and inspiration to participants.

Learning and Development Programme

Structured initiatives designed to enhance your knowledge, skills, and abilities. These programs aim to foster personal and professional growth, improve job performance, and support your career advancement. Manager's Training and Critical Thinking Bootcamps are some of the programs organized at the campus.

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